Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

While you may be able to save money on coupons and bargain hunting, there are other ways to cut a few dollars from your spending.

Here are simple ways to help you save money every day:

1. Spend within your budget

This is the primary rule if you like to save money. The way this works, you take note of your income from the present month, and then work within that budget for the next month, usually blocking out any unusual spending or out-of-the-blue expenses.

2. Give up lifestyle expenses

Instead of buying coffee, learn to brew your own coffee at home or in the office. How many times have you heard to ‘give up buying a cup of latte’? You can save a lot from giving up a ‘lifestyle expense’. If you can learn how to paint your own nails, rather than spend on nail spas or salons, this will mean a lot in terms of savings for your budget.

3. Reduce dining out

Try to reduce the number of times you dine out. If you can, prepare your own lunch or snack. The best way to do this is to make a conscious effort to note down the times you usually go out and then giving that up, by staying home and preparing meals instead.

4. Change cell phone plan

Most of the time, people avail of phone plans, not knowing how many minutes they usually spend on a given month. Monitor your minute’s usage and then change plans accordingly. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save from your cell phone bills.

5. Minimize Cable/Internet packages

You can similarly cut the amount you’re spending on cable, subscriptions, and internet packages, without giving it all together. You don’t need to get all the cable channels, but instead, identify what you watch most of the time.

Also, see how much time you spend on the Internet on a given period, rather than availing of the full package bundles in a month.

The same can be said on your subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc. You can give a subscription a one or two months break, by canceling then subscribing again after a month or so.

6. Unplug electronics

Always switch off and unplug electronics, not in use. You’ll be able to save a lot from the slow flow of electricity that stays on appliances and gadgets that are ‘plugged-in’. You’ll save on electricity bills, while at the same time help in conserving energy.

7. Pay with cash

Always have the mentality to pay with cash, then relying on credit cards. Almost all experts will tell you to minimize the amount (and the number of times) you use your card.

You already know how much the companies charge, so why not avoid using credit card as much as possible. This lets you avoid overspending on things you don’t really need.

8. Play outdoor activities

If you would like to spend some leisure time with the family, another way to save and perhaps the simplest is to find time to play at the park. Instead of spending time playing on gadgets, video games, or arcade machines, go to the park. Also, you can play with board games, if the weather does not allow you to go outdoors.