Portable Language Translator Devices

One of the major advantages of traveling abroad is in absorbing cultures — however, language barriers may make communication and conversation in your travels troublesome.

Would it be great if you’ll be able to communicate just like the locals? Well, there are some great tools that you can use.

Following are best digital language translators to help you communicate in a foreign country, while also learning the language as you go along.

Best Electronic Language Translators

There are many portable translators available right now, with a range of features, design, and prices. Here is a rundown of the best pocket translator in the market.

Pulomi Easy Trans Smart Language Translator Device – Best Language Translator

The Pulomi Simple Trans Smart Language Translator Device boasts a compact model and superior speech translation capabilities.

Just press the button on the gadget and maintain the press until you’ve completed speaking. Pulomi will acknowledge what you say and convert your words aloud as if you’re speaking them yourself.

Many international language translators can help translate up to 52 languages, and can even be used as a Bluetooth loudspeaker.

For travelers who aren’t multilingual and want to speak with locals, the Pulomi Smart Languages Translator will let you sound savvy.

ECTACO Partner 900 PRO Spanish language

Are you planning to go to Spanish language speaking countries like Mexico, Spain, or Argentina?

The ECTACO Partner 900 PRO Spanish offers useful translation choices for the Spanish language.

What you have to do is just talk (or type text) into the gadget and it immediately interprets what you are saying
This is helpful in case you’re touring and want to speak on the journey.

This translator gadget even has a hi-resolution camera with its Picture Translator feature.

It has one of the best software for translation of Spanish language throughout your trip because it comes with commonly spoken Spanish words.

The Trainer allows you to use its presentation. You can use the Linguistic Crosswords to learn the newest words while you interact with locals.

Franklin TWE-118 5-Languages European Translator

You don’t have to pay more money to afford an online translator. The Franklin TWE-118 5-Languages European Translator provides 210,000 full translations, and it’s one of the most affordable pocket translators in the market.

It interprets to and from the English language different languages like German, Spanish, French, or Italian.

And it doesn’t stop there with its many other features. The TWE-118 is likewise a words translator, where it can detect spelling errors. It can also convert currencies from USD to Euro (as well as 11 different European currencies).

Moreover, it has a built-in calculator, games, a measurement converter, and a business clock for different time zones around the world.

If you’re thinking on getting this item, the Franklin translator is worth it.

Brookstone Passport Talking 12 Languages Translator

The Brookstone Passport Talking 12-Languages Translator is an easy, no-frills online language translator.

It’s small and easy enough to carry in your pocket or purse, while designed with an array of innovative, distinctive choices.

There are 12 languages (with Spanish language, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese) and 8-10 conversational lessons that allow you to get your required key phrase quickly. You’ll have the facility to save your most frequently most used phrases and words.

Birgus Languages Two-Way Voice Translator – Best for Translating Chinese

If you’re heading to China, it’s worth investing with the Birgus Languages Two-Way Voice Translator. This helpful gadget offers a two-way translation with simple pressing on. The accuracy is up to 98%, close to having a personal translator.

Along with the Chinese language, it also has seven different offline languages. The translator can translate 44 languages with its built-in camera for on-line photo translation. And, you can use its save feature to save many phrases and words as you want.

This translator gadget is user-friendly, with its 2.4-inch color touchscreen and lightweight for easy carry.

Ili Wearable Translator – Offline Instant Language Translator

Prepare to have full-blown conversations with the Ili Wearable Translator. This small unit, hand-held language translator doesn’t require WiFi and you can use it anytime or anywhere with no worries on Internet signal.

A simple press switches language, it can seamlessly translate to Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. It has as close to real-time translation as is technologically attainable.

The Ili is just 42 grams, ultra-portable and wearable. It comes with a full library of phrases for the common situation for travelers such as shopping, dining, going out, asking directions, and taking a cab.

Langogo Genesis 2-in-1 AI Translator Device – Best for Translating Russian

Seamlessly change to the Russian language with the Langogo Genesis AI Translator, which integrates 24 translation engines with its easy-to-use, one-button translation. It ensures the right translation even with fully different accents and dialects, which is helpful, considering how hard to speak the Russian words.

The Langogo is not just a translation software — it’s also a mobile hotspot. Once you’re travelling, this gadget can provide details such as sights, hotels, alternate prices, local weather forecasts, and more.

Pocketalk Classic Languages Translator Device – Best for Translating Japanese

The Pocketalk allows lightning-fast conversation and can help you shop, dine, and navigate your way throughout Japan. In fact, this sleekly designed two-way sound translator is the best-selling translator gadget in Japan.

It’s large enough to fit in your pocket or purse, the Pocketalk can convert up to 74 other languages. It comes with Bluetooth capabilities, an enormous touchscreen, noise-canceling twin microphones, and a compelling twin audio system

This word translator is the best companion for those who have to immerse themselves in different countries worldwide.

What To Look For in Digital Translators?

Before making the review, our researchers tried different digital translators. We have screened selections from different makers, and browse feedback from other users of the translators. If you’re in search of Best Digital Translator, here’s a guide on what to look for.


Most translators can be used with any languages you set at them depending on their models.

Be aware that the do-it-all models might not have the most complete library of phrases, words, slang, and grammar.

Though there are devices that allow you to configure the settings to make it a single language translator throughout your trip.

In most instances, it’s better to get a single language translator device especially if you’re going to just one country and staying there longer.


Taking into account on how long is your trip, you may have to consider whether it’s practical to splash on expensive translators or just get a pocket translator that covers the basics for a brief vacation.

Voice Input vs Keyboard

Take into consideration how you want to use a digital translator. If you’re primarily trying to make conversations, a voice-input translator could be your best choice. Conversely, a keyboard-based model may be limited to text translations.