How To Start On RC Hobbies – RC Cars, RC Helicopters, RC Tanks

It’s not surprising, how a 5 year old or even a 50 year old can get hooked on RC Hobbies. There are many types of RCs which you can try, but on what RC hobby you would like to begin with, depends on your preferences or your personality.

In this post we’ll look into the latest trends of RCs, in particular, the most popular RC hobby of them all – RC Cars!

RC Hobbies

We’ll look into several RCs just to give you an idea in case you make a jump into the wonderful world of RC hobbies. Just to let you know, remote control vehicles, ever since the 1980s RC boom, have always been a popular pastime for boys.

And it will always be a great hobby for children. If playing video, games have become a drag, RCs are a great alternative since you have something to tinker with and can be just as addicting (in a good way of course!)

There are actually different remote control vehicles which you can play with; and just lose your mind into some countless hours of assembly, maintenance, and enjoyment. Here are some RC hobby vehicles you can try:

RC Helicopters

It’s safe to say these are the toys for ‘would have been’ pilots. Most owners admit they once dream (or still wish) to fly a helicopter and these RCs has given them the fulfillment and the enjoyment to fly choppers, on a smaller scale.

RC helicopters in 2014 have been more advanced and improved, compared – let’s say the first toy ‘Helis’ in the 1980s. The first things you will notice in these flying machines are the safety improvements, aerodynamics, and ease of control. RC helicopters will continue to take flight, so you can always give this RC hobby a shot.

RC Tanks

Probably you’ll never have time to drive tanks in your lifetime (unless you join the military). But if you like to experience how to command tanks in the same breath like War Daddy in the 1940s, RC tanks will be a great way to achieve the battle like realism of ground commanders.

With RC tanks, you can enact the most famous wars in history. You can join (or form) teams – the best part on the hobby of RC tanks – and then play tactical warfare games with other players.

Aside from RC tanks, other notable military vehicles which you can include in your collections are Armored Cars, Support Vehicles, Rocket Launchers, Field Artillery and military figures. RC Tanks model to watch out for include old tank models in World War I and World War II, and contemporary and modern RC tanks.

RC Cars

Perhaps there’s no other RC hobby that will fade at any point than the exciting world of RC Cars. They’re fast, they’re an eye-candy, and they’re just a splendid companion to banish boredom. Remote control vehicles have been the top choice by hobbyists looking for model vehicles to play with – and this is no surprise.

RC cars easily bring fun to anyone who would want to feel the thrill of driving ‘scaled down’ vehicles, with the modifications and upgrades they wouldn’t be able to do (and spend) on bigger and real vehicles.

However, most people starting out on the hobby of RC cars are intimidated by the enormous volume and variety of vehicles in RC stores. However, you just need to identify how do you want to spend your time on land and with what car and you should be ready to go. You can go for speed driving, leisure driving, and circuit racers, off-road or just the hobby of RC model collecting.

To help you out in these decisions, here are RC car types that you might want to consider:

1/10 RC Cars Pre-Assembled

The most common type of 1:10 remote control vehicle right now in the industry. You can easily find one tenth scale RCs on stores, with easily available parts and hop ups. Expert Build RCs from Tamiya is one of the most popular since these kits will be delivered “pre-assembled” for you, all you need is the battery and transmitter set-up and you’re all set for the races.

1/10 RC Car Kits

If you intend to spend time (and learn) the assembly of the car parts down to their smallest details, in part enjoy putting things together and applying paint, RC car kits are the ideal way to start. Kyosho RC car kits have been the leading model maker because of their parts availability and flexibility with other brands.

You can easily get Kyosho car parts on traditional hobby stores (malls) and from major on-line stores all over the web.

Mini RC Cars

RCs from 1/16 scale to 1/27 scale are considered as Mini RC cars. These types of vehicles started as a trend on Kyosho’s Mini Z and will continue to do so in coming years. We can attribute the popularity of mini RCs to their portability (they can fit in your pocket) compared to larger scales.

Mini RC vehicles stay true to their realism in terms of speed and design, the reason this has been a favorite collectible for hobbyists.

Micro RC Cars

For those who would like to go smaller and didn’t find the Mini RCs fit their needs, Micro RC cars can provide the same amount of thrill just like any RC. Mostly, micro remote control vehicles can range from 1/32 to 1/43 scale sizes. The best micro RC cars right now include Kyosho’s dNano and Tamiya’s Mini 4WD.

RC Buggy

If you want the flexibility for on-road (circuit tracks) and off-road, RC Buggy will just be right for you. These are also referred as buggy racers, an all around RC vehicle, with standard size from 1/12, 1/10 to 1/8 scale sizes.

You can start off with classic buggies like electric 2WD to more powerful and faster buggy like the electric 4WD. If you like to bash your RC and put it into the most extreme stunts imaginable, go for RC buggy racers.

RC Crawlers

A popular RC hobby you can try are the RC crawlers. They are remote control vehicles specifically made for tough and difficult rocky terrains. These types of RCs specialize on any land, particularly gravel, sand, rocks, dirt and grass.

If you like playing outdoors, particularly steep rocky mounds, RC crawlers will provide just the right amount of delight you’ll always want in an RC.

Building Up An RC hobby

Look for established brands for your RC Hobby, since reputable brands will provide a wide availability of parts from the manufacturer (for your upgrades and modifications). Also, going for well known RC brands can easily help you find tips and advice from other RC owners around the world.

Regularly tune into our posts, we’ll provide you with product reviews and recommendations, and help you get ready and build up your RC hobby collections.