ClickFunnels Review

In this article, you’ll learn about ClickFunnels, which is an awesome land page builder software. You’ll learn how it works and why it’s so important to a business.

So, what is ClickFunnels? Clickfunnels is a platform that helps you build sales funnels.

As you all know, a sales funnel is what you have to build to get leads for your business.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a squeeze page software that’s going to help you do it. Just think about how most businesses operate right now. They use websites and on a website, you go to a webpage of any company, you’ll see what they’re about, what their products or services, etc.

So, when people end up on your webpage, you want to control how they’re coming through. You want to start learning about them, so you can start sending offers and you can maximize their visit to your site.

Clickfunnels makes it easy for you to gather leads, without the super technical side of website builders. The platform is a sales funnel builder.

If you try to go deep in a sales funnel, for instance inside ClickFunnels, you’ll see the process you want people to take from the first instance they arrive on your site. You can lead them to do one action, any action as you wish. So, they’re learning about your business, but they’re making some commitments by answering some questions and providing their email. It’s basically a sales process that you want your visitors to take.

ClickFunnels eventually allow you to maximize your sales from people who visited your site, soon after you stop running ads. You can continue reaching out to them through your list and sell them product offers in your future emails.

What Can ClickFunnels Do?

If you guys think of it, there are two tools you have to have to be successful online: there are your funnel tool and email autoresponder. If you know the funnel types and when to use them, you’re already half-way into your venture.

Using ClickFunnels and knowing how it works already gives you the system to do whatever you need for a product or service. Use ClickFunnels as a primary tool with your business to give yourself that head start.

The first one is you need is your opt-in lead capture funnels. So that’s where you should focus on when starting out. ClickFunnels have templates and then walks you through the process of how to set up your opt-in funnel.

Go to where it says funnel preview, this is kind of what an opt-in funnel is it’s very simple to configure.

There are important steps you need to remember, there’s a squeeze page or some people call a landing page, opt-in page, or a lead page – whatever others want to call them. This squeeze page is the first page and the goal of this page is to get somebody’s contact information to use it to generate leads. Now as you know for any business, the lifeblood of business leads.

You know that to the last longer in any business, focus on how to build a bigger list. Why do you get more leads? To get more people you can sell products or services.

How To Build List With ClickFunnels

How do you build a list? The answer is it’s actually really simple. You set up an opt-in funnel. Then you drive traffic to the squeeze page. This lead page, when they come, there you’re going to offer them something, some kind of ethical bribe. It might be a PDF, eBook, assets, resources, advice, etc.

The report can even be a video. It might be some software or it might be an infographic. It can be anything you can think of, but be sure that when you give them something, in exchange they will give you their email address.

When you send somebody to a website, if they’re interested in it, they’ll say “Yeah I’m willing to try this because this report that you offered me is so cool I will give you my email address in exchange.”

For that, it’s how you start building a list. That’s how you start getting leads for your business and if you’re a brick-and-mortar business where you’re trying to get leads to get people to come into your store, you need to start building a list. You do that through a squeeze page.

If you’re in network marketing and you don’t want to just offer products or services to your friends and family – gathering a list is what you want to do. You go outside of your circle and start finding new people, new prospects you can drive into some kind of squeeze page to have them become a lead.

Now as soon as you have them on your list, you can follow up and continue selling to them. Whether you’re selling ebooks, information products, how-to stuff, e-commerce items – you should able to drive all of the traffic to a squeeze page.

You should be able to get their name and their email address, which should be a goal when you promote this lead page as an ad. That’s how you start growing your business.