Cheap VR Headset – For PC Gaming, Phone, With Controllers

If you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for expensive VR headsets, you can still experience virtual reality.

Yes, you can skip past high-end devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You don’t even have to go premium mobile VR sets like Google’s Daydream View and Samsung’s Gear VR.

You’ll find a good selection of cheap virtual reality headsets for $25 or less.

We’ve dug the internet for your best affordable options on VR goggles. The products should work with (latest) Android devices and iPhones around (check the specifications)

What Are Cheap VR Headsets?

Well, you don’t have to shell out a $500 for shiny headsets to experience the best virtual reality games and environments right now.

There are new products that can likely fit in the ever-expanding landscape of VR. You can very likely find affordable VR devices without skipping meals just to save.

You’ll find cheap but just as a good headset for all your virtual escapades.

At best use, virtual reality can be immersive and transport
you in places, situations, and periods that could be otherwise impossible to do in real life.

You can go walk in the moon, fly like an eagle, race in Tour De France, or go back to the Civil War.

Also, you can have endless experiences from your entertainment room, though, you need to have a VR headset to a processor to deliver the virtual content.

The high-end category of VR is connecting, but that’s expensive. An affordable option is virtual reality goggles that use your smartphone.

How Do You Experience Virtual Reality?

You’ll be going to have to use your Smartphone as the virtual screen. At its simple terms, a VR headset uses screen and lenses.

A low-end device only uses a display, but it needs the power of a small computer you have in your hands to make calls, send texts, take selfies, etc.

Your mobile will deliver the virtual content usually from an app or 360° video. The content splits at the screen down the middle.

On each eye, it then gets its own scene, like just the latest View-Master. What you’ll get is an immersive virtual experience.

What Are The Options For Inexpensive VR Headset?

Some of your choices start off under $30, yet there are below $20 items for affordable virtual devices that can change your mobile phone into a VR headset. Google started the trend with a basic one, referred to as Cardboard that goes around $15.

You need to retract your smartphone within it, and you are all set. You will just need to get your content from app stores that could screen VR stories, games, and videos, some free of charge.

Of course, you may want to get something cool and comfortable than just a headset made from cardboard. There are many products available right now that’s more comfy than Google Cardboard and they’re just as inexpensive.

Are The Cheap VR Headsets Worth It?

Very good virtual experiences aren’t low-cost, but affordable VR can be just as good as the ones tethered to PCs.

The main factors that make VR exciting, are the sensation and immersion.

A worthwhile VR experience prod you into believing, if just for some moment, that you’re really taking part in what you are interacting and watching.

Immersion is a whole lot easier with the hefty PC VR headsets, together with motion controllers along with the ability for you to walk around in the digital environment.

Those times you’re immersed rely on how you shut out the world for some period.

A big part of this can be resolved with audio. A set of decent headphones connected to your phone can make you feel more in tune and immersed in any VR experience.

The other thing is comfort, which is often difficult to do when holding an actual cardboard box to your head with both of your hands.

While it can be helpful for the headset to wear a strap and earphones built-in, so you can just put the goggles on and have your arms resting at your side, it’s not a need.

It ultimately comes down to personal comfort, which for some guys means not having it secured to your face but still fill your field of view with the experience of playing out and viewing on your smartphone.

Why You Should Get A Cheap VR Device?

The cool thing Google has shown with VR is to ensure it is something that can really be accessible to everybody.

Early on, Hallmark created a Google Cardboard headset into their premium cards, to give you an idea of how this immersive technology is accessible now.

While it’s not right on par with other cheap VR sets you can buy now, but the level of accessibility is great.

That said, just because you’re able to purchase a VR headset for less than a typical film ticket doesn’t mean that you should do so, but at least you give yourself the experience you need.

Do Cheap Headsets Work Effectively?

Inexpensive and affordable are not necessarily the same. You will find inexpensive VR headsets worth having a look at to see if the experience given is enough for one to appreciate the virtual immersion.

But they are usually designed differently compared to traditional Google Cardboard experience.

Some headset offers a stiff plastic shell to maintain the phone and strap into ahead. However several others fold like your prescription glasses and may really be transported if not in use.

There’s no answer here to the “right” type of portable VR headset because relaxation is a really personal thing.

This is a significant part of why Google Cardboard is so open to new designs and concepts because accessibility is easily the most significant part of this specific experience.

It’s very important to remember Google Cardboard apps were not supposed to be the sort of item you enjoyed for over a couple of minutes.

Those short bursts of immersion really should be enough to allow you to say “wow allow me to share this” headset around a group of friends.

If your target is to place this headset and wear it for one hour or longer, you should start looking at Google Daydream rather than too much below that level of build quality and immersion.

Best Cheap Virtual Headsets

There are decent and well designed headsets in range of $10 to $30. Don’t go to overly dirt cheap cardboard, at least get a comfortable one. Here a guide to start with.

1. VR Headset, VersionTech VRX05 4th Gen 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Goggles

Turn your smartphone into the best 3D device for three-dimensional games and split monitor movies; works jointly with over 300 iOS/Android virtual reality software on Apple Store and Google Store.

Focal distance (FD) and Pupil distance (PD) can be tweaked to get the best 3 dimensional immersive VR experience.

Pupillary distance adjustment array is at 55mm – 75mm. For those with Myopia, less than 600 degrees is okay to use, even without wearing glasses. The focus modification is NOT impartial for each vision.

Fits for iPhone, Google Android phones, and Windows mobile phones with display screen size inside 6″, recommended cell phone size is 4.7- 6″. The optimum length*width of the phone is 154mm*82mm.

Better fit increased padding for added comfort and sturdiness. Keep your view and nose area free from soreness when using it, and be assured that enjoy a visible feast.

Light-weight design, entrance panel with open-cells is useful for cooling, great your telephone, and keep making use of the device for very long periods.

At the same time, use 3.5 millimeters earphones, it’s convenient that will help you.

Simply put your phone in the headset and you are prepared to go. The magnetic trigger helps secure gear tight to avoid the phone from dropping, as well as the soft substance will guard your phone against scratches.

Compared to first-gen devices, you may not need to clamp your mobile with clips, which may result in inconvenience by hitting the power and volume button accidentally.

Also, the Open-cell Style is good for cooling down your cell phone.

Leather was used for comfy wearing. Adaptable headband ensures a comfortable suit for every person from teenagers to adults.

Really comfortable to wear and blocks out light in order not to obstruct your session.

Does a great job of providing a complete 360 degree see with the correct apps and has better clearness than my Gear VR, which is a bit pixelated.

As one more reviewer described, the focus is not really on the eye. So a person with different eyesight in every single eye may choose to keep trying to find a set with an independent focus.

Even though these goggles are well manufactured, I had a small difficulty putting my S7 Edge. I would suggest placing your phone well before turning it on and launching any apps. Also, adjust beforehand as the buttons will probably be mostly not reachable.


  • HD Visual
  • Durable
  • Dazzle barrier
  • Sense of comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • UV400 protection

Technical Specifications:

  • Labor Material: ABS+ PC
  • Cache Material: Leather + Memory Foam
  • Headband Material: Nylon
  • Lens Transmittance: DIA 42mm non- spherical optical lens
  • Lens: PMMA Lens
  • View Angle: 70-90 degree
  • Item Weight 8 ounces
  • Item Size: 195x100x130 mm
  • Color:Gold
  • Product Dimensions 8.3 x 5.5 x 5.9 inches


  • Samsung Galaxy S8,S7 Edge,S7, S6,S5, Note 5,4, 3,
  • Apple iPhone 8,8plus,X,7,7 Plus, 6s, 6, 6 Plus 5c, 5s,5 ,
  • Moto X Style, Sony Xperia Z5 LG G5

2. ETVR Upgraded 3D VR Headset With Remote Controller – More Lighter More Comfortable Virtual Reality Headset

The ETVR comes with 120° FOV for 3D Movie & VR Games, Fit for iPhone & Android Phones within 4.7-6.2

Compatible with Android and iPhone with exterior size phone length of 6.3″ or less, and width of 3.35″ or less. The VR resolution is somewhere between 1080P and 2K.

The adjustable straps fit for different individuals and even those with a deep nasal bridge portion as it ensures comfortable wear and keeps no light going out.

The edges filled has an anti-allergy sponge and ventilated vents for good heat dissipation.

The headset is constructed of high-strength ABS plastic, ultra-smooth & breathable face cushioning with a comfy and adjustable head strap.

ETVR headset adopts more light-weight and strong high-quality material at 330g. The eyes location is full of comfortable and breathable innovative sponges, with deepened nasal link portion.

Secure & adaptable headbands, can be altered flexibly to suit different sizes, appropriate for both children and adults. Helps in reducing tiredness and offering you longer VR viewing practical experience.

The Adjustable Focal distance functions and Pupil Distance offer clear graphics and get rid of the double picture.

The “OK” button for an auxiliary functionality key, only for shooting online game playing. Myopia under 800° or hyperopia under 400° there is no have to wear the glasses.

Compared with other ordinary VR lens, ETVR lens not only to provide more clear picture quality and much more saturated hues, but also to reduce the eye pressure.

Anti–azure coating in the lens work surface, greatly reduce the stimulation in the eye watching, watching for some time will not create dizziness, throwing up, eye irritation, and other negative effects.

There are several breaks around the entrance cover for better heating dissipation and maintain your phone to be cool.

Entirely Immersive 120-Degree Larger Viewing Position brings you an even more realistic 3-dimensional experience, and ordinary VR glasses viewing position only 80°- 110°.

The viewing result is extremely actual and simple to comprehend. Sparing fabric for healthy skincare at the amount of the child. The Virtual Reality Headset is cozy, soft, low-move, and put on-tolerant. The soft sponge is breathable, water-resistant, and anti-allergic.

You will discover a focal duration button for defining very clear images. I can be used with myopia without the need for glasses. No need to put on glasses while taking pleasure in video or games.


  • Immersive 3d Movies & Vr Games
  • Care For Myopia & Hyperopia Users, Fits For All Ages
  • Portable & Lightweight, Fit For 4.7″-6.2″ Smartphones
  • Best Value Guaranteed & Excellent Vr Gift –
  • Thinner & Lighter Design Concepts
  • No Pressure No Pain Around Eyes & Nose
  • Multi-Point Pressure Allocation Design


  • Recommended to use a high-resolution with large screen phones(4.5-6.2 inch).
  • Choose HD videos above 1080P along with good 3D effect
  • Never play your phone while charging it.

Product information

  • Color:White with Remote
  • Package Dimensions 8.3 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches
  • Item Weight 1.3 pounds

3. VR Headset with Headphone, Topmaxions 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Smartphones

VR Headset from Topmaxions is actually a 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality set that differs from existing items out there. The new aspherical lens is created by specialists, with distinctive style, crystal clear display, while it’s without a sense of vertigo.

Topmaxions VR Headset enhances the lenses, with the additional comfy band and much less bodyweight. The load is 30% less heavy than the current ones in the marketplace.

Subsequent ergonomic style on a headband, it really made with a specific weight process, which suggests the full excess weight would only disperse around your head. As it removes excess weight, the headset is not going to lead to any pressure on your cheeks.

The VR Headset requires to enjoy virtual reality and get involved in displays of games. It provides you with an exclusive 3D movie theater. You only require to place your phone within Topmaxions VR Headset, then you definitely have your personal time, anyplace and any time.

Your phone might take you to other worlds definitely a virtual reality, at any time, everywhere.

The full device is created with arc design, that is stylish and chic. Additionally, it is easy to use in place.

As a way to increase the immersive sensation of video games, capacitive change with a simulator of the body would be a lot more cozy and simpler.

This VR headset is just not large, it is actually light-weight.

You can actually maintain it, VR encounter is especially excellent, the camera lens is obvious. The most significant fact I like is its layout, I feel this headset is the ideal cheap VR available on the market.

I needed to test VR without the need of placing a ton of money in it. This appeared like a sensible way to do this. I don’t like very much the straps around the top of the pinnacle but it might be found necessary to carry continuously. The key size of realignment is pretty sufficient.

It’s fine however I had problems installing it all the way up close to my head even with totally prolonged.

But, this really is a really good headset, extremely comfy which you can use very long time without having eyesight tiredness or vertigo.

The comfortability of the item is unbelievable, and one will find time after hours of enjoyable and pleasurable encounters using it.

It’s adequately packed and appears extremely great. Cozy and does exactly what it affirms it could do.

Straightforward to set-up. For that affordable price, the product does and feels as though it’s really worth it.


  • Super Light
  • More Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Fit For Most Mobile Phones
  • Immersion With Vr Games System
  • Private 3D Cinema
  • 360 Degree Panorama
  • 3D Immersion Experience
  • Unique and Elegant Design
  • Transparent AR window
  • Unique capacitive switch with smooth control

Product Information

  • Package Dimensions 8 x 7 x 4.2 inches
  • Item Weight 15.2 ounces

4. VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone – Universal Virtual Reality Goggles – For Mobile Games 360 Movies

The Universal Virtual Reality headset is created to provide you with the ideal VR expertise from a smartphone! It will help you to use an iPhone or Android to produce a full virtual reality immersion experience!

We use only high-quality lenses together with the broadest observing angle easy to provide the very best picture feasible from a mobile phone!

You can quickly change the Pupil Distance (PD) and Focal Distance (FD) to get the best three-dimensional immersive practical experience.

Lightweight structure with dense comfortable foam designed to match “just right” to your deal with! Do you use glasses? You can use them with the VR headset if you have to! Most glasses will fit!

The headset comes built with the exterior magnetic option which will enable you to pause and communicate with any Google Cardboard support VR apps!

Appropriate for all iPhone; 4, 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6 As well as, 7, 7 Plus, and also Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7. Also with other 3.5” to 6” smartphones.

The Universal VR Headset was made with comfort and ease of mind! Universal uses virtual reality technologies that include soft and comfy foam that facilitates your eyes in addition to a design that suits naturally close to your face!

One of the most fundamental aspects of VR is the lens! We use only premium quality contact lenses to provide you with the ideal picture feasible!

The lens can be modified to your eye and eye-sight in a matter of secs!

Unlike other VR headsets, you should use ours with the eyeglasses if you want to or be more comfortable consuming them off. The lens will get used to your eye-sight!

Entirely works with all Google Cardboard supported online games and apps. Install from your hundreds of readily available apps through the App Store or Google Play.

Import your personal VR content material into the open apps to observe your video lessons in entirely immersive virtual reality!

This is a great purchase! I’m not implying it’s manufactured for the sophisticated VR lovers out there, but also for the beginner, and this is what you want. I have glasses and had no problem getting them on as I have this headset.

Appears to be well made. Works as described and fits Galaxy S5 without troubles. I like the “suction power” function for keeping your gadget no marks!

The clips for the straps are a tad flimsy having said that I hadn’t had any break like other testers. It is very comfy, but my only other headset was Google cardboard.

The double-sided tacky pad goes perfect for my 6s cell phone, heavier than the suction glasses by itself. Regardless, they covered the bases cheaper than $30!

It’s not the best VR headset you could buy but it undoubtedly better than the competitors within the same cost range.


  • Premium Virtual Reality Headset
  • High Quality Lenses
  • Natural Comfortable Design That Fits Glasses!
  • Active Button Support (No Remote Required)
  • Premium Virtual Reality Headset
  • Comfortable And Natural Design
  • Google Cardboard Apps Compatibility
  • Smartphones – Iphone & Android
  • Product Dimensions 8.8 x 4.8 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight 1.1 pounds


  • iPhone, Android, IOS, Samsung, LG, HTC & more!

5. NeuTab VR 2nd Gen Virtual Reality VR Headset 3D Glasses with Remote Controller 360 Degree Immersive Movies and Games

In comparison to others, this model focuses on a lighter weight headset. Experience virtual reality inside a simple entertaining, and cost-effective way.

Distinctive cloth system design and face foam cushioning design and style. Different from typical plastic style, the body of this new technology is unique with cloth design and style. The face foam is cushioning supplies comfortable VR experience when you are wearing.

Works with different measurements of phones. The removable front side padding lets you put in various sizing mobile phones from 3.5″ to 6.3″. Just put in and modify the size to love the 360° movies and games.

Most people are different. The 3-A layout enables everybody with various attributes to fit in a similar headset. Just change the head straps, the pupil distance, and focal extended distance on the headset.

To better take advantage of the VR headset, a far-off controller has included Audio/Movie Mode; Video game Mode; VR Mode; Computer mouse Mode. Merely enjoy every one of the functions very quickly.

2ND Age group VR is finally in this article: Lighter And Better. With Remote Control, get yourself into a 3D Immersive VR experience.

Just engage in numerous video games and fantasy movies. Convert your phone into an entirely portable and wireless virtual reality device with an excellent VR headset.

With a lightweight and comfortable headset, you can expect to have lots of exciting and intriguing findings with your friends/families inside an immersive three-dimensional world.

In comparison with traditional plastic-type design, the second generation of the NeuTab VR headset pack comes in 40% less weight compared to the original one.

This will likely allow the customer to have an even more comfortable user experience while enjoying the endless fun from your 3D realm.

Unlike other VR headset, NeuTab second Generation VR Headset comes in cloth, which correctly decreases the weight plus increase the presentable factor.

Improved and adjustable delicate foaming mat around the eyes area and headband allow better sense awareness good even with hours of using.

Designed to be able to fit in the distinct size of mobile phones, like Apple iPhone 7 As well as, mainly from 3.5″ to 6.3″. Begin to enjoy the various world in your room in the next phase.

An adjustable headband, an adjustable eye pad, an adjustable pupil/focal range would enable you to have your own personalized VR Headset. For shortsighted users, you might even dress in glasses to enjoy the VR setting.

With the control, you may take pleasure in music, online video, games as well as the Virtual Reality without having holding your phone. Just connect it along with your phone and press the buttons.


  • Come with Remote Control
  • Distinctive cloth system design
  • Light design and glasses friendly VR
  • Lightweight
  • More comfortability
  • Removable Front Cover
  • Adjustable Headband and Foam
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Product Dimensions 7.8 x 4 x 5.4 inches
  • Item Weight 13.6 ounces

Included in box:

  • NeuTab 2nd Generation VR headset x1
  • User manual for controller x1
  • VR Remote Controller x1
  • User manual for headset x1
  • Lens microfiber cleaning cloth x1


As you can see, although cheap VR headsets are not as shiny as the PC headsets, they are a huge step than better costly VR devices.

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