BlueHost Review

Are you thinking of building a website for small business or skill you like to share to the world? You can begin by following the steps in this article.

The first thing to look for is a platform that offers you the best flexibility. One of the best platform is WordPress. It’s a powerful open source platform with virtually limitless possibilities for customization.

However, you would need a web hosts this will be your website’s home on the web. It provides space for your site’s files images and code. Our best recommended webhost is BlueHost. They are the best for those who are looking to build their first website.

For most small business owners, shared web hosting is the most cost effective way to go. Your domain name is your site’s online address and how people find you.

Be sure to choose one that is unique and recognizable. Make sure it is short and easy to pronounce. You’ll need to pick an extension to your domain. There’s Com, Net, Org and more for a custom look.

Choose from hundreds of pre-designed for WordPress themes, plus there are thousands of WordPress plugins for added functionality like WooCommerce for online shops, jetpack for security and performance and Yoast for SEO. Lastly it’s time to start adding text images and other media to your site to keep your
audience interested with engaging content and guide them towards the desired action.

For a little extra personality, add blog post, blogs make it easy to share ideas develop a brand and drive traffic.

BlueHost Review

In this section, we’ll tell you about which Bluehost hosting plan to choose for your website.

It’s always advisable to use a promo code or a promo link before going over to Bluehost.

If you go over to Bluehost it says about $3.95 per month instead of $7.99 including free domain name registration, which is exactly what you need if you’re just starting out.

Go on and click get started now to see the packages and see which package is the perfect fit for your website. Bluehost is offering three packages, with three main shared hosting packages plus an additional package, which is their Gold package. It starts at thirteen ninety-five per month instead of $23.99
per month.

You’ll see the difference or the comparison between the main three packages. About the go pro package, see what’s t difference on their table.

If you don’t have that technical knowledge, you may find it a little bit hard. Simplifying the whole thing for you, you’ll see that the basic plus prime the basic of $3.95 per month, while the plus some prime, you can get it for 5.95 per month.

Well, $5.95 that’s awesome, so the main difference between the three packages over here is that the number of websites that you are allowed to host on a single account.

So, for the basic package you can just host one website one domain, while for the plus prime, you can host unlimited domains or unlimited websites. On the same package, this is cost-effective for you. Why? You need to choose the plus package over the basic package if you’re having plans to launch additional websites in the future.

Just go with the plus package or the prime package because you’re not going to go to pay $3.95 per month for each website instead you’re going to pay $5.95 per month for the whole bunch of websites you have the website.

So, this is another difference, the basic plan is allowing you to host up to 50 gigabytes of space, which is quite reasonable and quite great for one website or something even more than what you may need.