Alesis Strike Pro – Professional Electronic Drum Kit

The Alesis Strike Pro Kit combines the familiarity and feel of acoustic drums, mixed with the flexibility and functionality of the electronic drums. These are the best drum kit to go over the restrictions of a standard acoustic set, without giving something up.

Featuring massive dual-hoop pads with mesh heads and patented sensitivity change knobs, Alesis Strike’s premium wooden shell drums are available in normal acoustic drum sizes (14″ snare, 8, 10, and 12″ toms, and 14″ kick). So, you’ll immediately feel at home and familiar while you sit behind them.

The Strike cymbals—16 inch 3-zone, 14 inch crash with choke and 12 inch hi-hat — additionally provides a thrilling step in your play. They really feel spectacularly lifelike. It’s an ideal mix of feel, flexibility, and bounce. They provide a bigger bell space for enhanced playability, together with a cool “hammer look.”

The Strike Performance Drum Module has a sound library with 100 drum kits produced from over 1600 multi-sampled devices. The module has on-board sampling functionality, SD card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity.

You can use these with your favorite music manufacturing software program besides the new Strike Software Editor. Its 4.3-inch coloration LED display screen shows all of your settings. Take note, the Hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal bought individually.

Alesis Strike Pro Features

  • Strike drum module with 4.3 full-color LCD display screen and personalized outputs
  • All new sounds, 100 kits, 1600 multi-sampled devices
  • Large dual-hoop pads with wooden shells and adjustable mesh heads
  • 8GB SD card included for storage of drum kits
  • 16 inch triple-zone journey cymbal, 14″ crash cymbal, and 12″ moveable hi-hat
  • 14 inch kick, 14 inch snare, 8, 10, and 12 inch toms
  • Premium 4-post chrome rack
  • Software editor for creating customized kits/devices, as well as importing .wav
  • Hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal sold separately

Alesis Strike Pro Configuration

  • Tom pad(s): 3
  • Cymbal pad(s): 3
  • Snare pad: 1
  • Kick pad: 1
  • Total pads: 8
  • Module
  • Display: LCD
  • Drum kits: 100
  • Sounds: 1,600
  • Trigger inputs: 9
  • Line entry: Yes
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • MIDI: Yes
  • Training capabilities: Yes
  • Click: Yes
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Pads
  • Pad materials: Mesh
  • Hoop materials: Rubber
  • Zones: Multiple
  • Tom pad dimension: Multiple
  • Snare pad dimension: 14″
  • Hardware
  • Rack materials: Steel
  • Hardware items: 4
  • Kick pedal: No
  • Throne: No

Alesis Strike Kit Pro Review

Electronic drum kits have come and go in its popularity. Some real drummers even wonder if they’re definitely worth your hard-earned money. Electronic drum kits can cost up to five times as much as best acoustic drum kits. Especially so, is Alesis worth it against a firmly established company like Roland.

I assume it’s for this sentiment that Alesis has put lots of work into the Strike Pro Kit. Their intention was to create a complete electronic kit ready to carry out the beat just like any road acoustic kits.


  • The mesh heads on snare, toms, and kick are super-responsive with lifelike rebound
  • Comes with one of the best stable racks seen to date
  • Offers greater than 1600 realistic-sounding drums, cymbals, percussion devices and more!
  • Cheapest flagship drum kit available right now versus Roland’s models TD-30K and Roland TD-50K
  • Super realistic and better-looking drum kit


  • Hi-Hat and kick drum sold separately

What’s In The Box?

When you unbox the Alesis Strike Pro, the very first thing you’ll discover is the dimensions of the drums. This isn’t your usual electronic small drum kit!

  • 14” kick drum pad
  • 14” dual-zone snare drum pad
  • 16” triple-zone journey cymbal
  • 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” dual-zone tom pad every
  • 12” movable hi-hat cymbals
  • (3) 14” dual-zone crash cymbals w/choke
  • Double braced snare drum stand
  • Premium 4-post chrome rack
  • Drum sticks

So, parts not included are the pedal for the kick drum and the Hi-Hat stand, which you’d have to purchase individually, though you can use your present gear if you have one.

Note that this is what you’ll get with the “Eleven-Piece Strike Kit “. If you go for the much less expensive “Eight Piece Kit”, though you won’t get the 14” dual-zone crash and the 14” drum pad as a substitute for the other three.

To my knowledge, that is for your specific setup style. In terms of the quality of the Alesis Strike Kit, the evaluation will apply to this model of the Strike Pro.

You’ll see the drum heads are massive and look very authentic. Designed to be like actual drum heads on any floor or stage space and even imitate the texture of acoustic drums. The cymbals should is not as full-size, but they’re more crescent-shaped than circle-shaped.

The kick drum is sizable and provides some good resistance to the kick pedal. This is possibly the strength of this kit — the best way it responds to being hit. Because of its dimension and weight (and the make-up of the drum heads), this stuff looks, really feel, and sound like the true drums.

Alesis  Strike Module

The Strike’s efficiency module has some good options. This module sports a 4.3-inch LED display screen, which all by itself worth it. Images are clear and vibrant, and whereas this characteristic could not make you play better, it may make it more convenient when choosing functions.

The module has on-board sampling capabilities, which implies that the module itself can pattern audio. Also, its USB/MIDI connectivity and SD card storage capacity works with the standard audio software program, opening a world of MIDI manipulation, track creation, and audio processing. This could not be for “all” drummers, but it may change the entire music production for a few of us.

Modules do not make the drummer, however, they do at some point make the machine and that’s the case in the Alesis Strike Pro.

Alesis Strike Sounds

The Alesis Strike Pro module comes with a library of sounds spectacular in each depth and scope. At the moment, 110 distinct newly assembled kits from 1600 devices with multi-samples, that means there are two patterns for every instrument for accuracy and completeness.

But the number of sounds doesn’t matter if they don’t sound good, and by that measure, the Strike Pro comes out of the house running as soon as you play it. The kits are dynamic, responsive, and lifelike in ways in which they removed old and outdated electronic samples.

You could not end up using all 110, however, the ones that you commonly use will satisfy your drum play.

This is what you get while you go “Pro”, comes with unparalleled high-quality sound. More than any other characteristic, that’s the one that drives the unit price up. Well for me, the high-quality sound makes it worth the money.

Do I feel that you’re spending way more on the Alesis Strike than just get the best road piece kit? Well, it could not make you play like Mike Portnoy, however, it can make you sound just as close. And if that makes you play and enjoy playing drums more, then the extra cash shouldn’t be a big deal.

The Feel of the Pads

The common question so many drummers ask about electronic drum kits: How does it really feel?

Even if we all know that we’re going to be hitting electronic pads, what we care about is how close these pads feel like the true acoustic drums. It could not, but close if you play just as often, that you can hardly tell the difference.

Good electronic kits succeed not solely on delivering nice midi, which provides spectacular flexibility to the instrument, but additionally in replicating the sounds and feel of real-life drums, which what drove me to play electronic drums in the first place. Though keep in mind that the Alesis Strike Pro is still an electronic drum kit.

Another thing to take note of is the dimensions of the drum pads. They are real-life, full-size pads, with all the rooms for actual drum heads. The cymbals provide a bell space that’s bigger than most, to assist you to get a variety of feels and sounds.

Beyond the spectacular dimension of those drums is their responsiveness. They react and really feel virtually and precisely like actual drum heads do. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot on how it really feels, but other features make up for it.

Overall, this stuff really feels nice. If you need something like an acoustic kit, then just get an acoustic kit; however, if you’re going for more and an in-depth drum playing, with useful bells and whistles, then the Alesis Strike Pro is a good choice, even with its steep price.

You’ll discover how responsive the drums appear to be to your strikes. And you’ll discover the nuanced sounds of the kit. The makers at Alesis have gone out of their way to put collectively some unique and delicate patterns into the sound libraries.

When you hit one of these drum heads, it isn’t like hitting a kind of old-school electronic drums, where the stick does not bounce like real drums. In Alesis Strike Pro, you’ll feel you hit an actual tom or actual snare. Well, as it is, you’ll be kicking an actual kick drum.

Also, there’s the stable chrome rack, which doesn’t flinch even when you play out the hardest rock & roll tracks. With other kits this may be difficult, however, Alesis appears to have completed the job with the chrome body.

As for its appearance, I’ve not seen a better-looking kit than the Strike Pro. Even the Roland TD-30K, Roland’s flagship product that comes at about twice the price, can’t compete with the Alesis Strike Pro.